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Monday, January 30, 2012

SPIN PINS HAIR ACCESSORY...As Featured on Our Facebook Fan Page

GOODY has done it again! 
  I ran across this awesome hair accessory just the other day. Spin Pins! What are spin pins you might ask? Well, LADIES if you're ever looking for an easier way to secure your PROTECTIVE STYLE Bun without the hassle (of a Dozen Bobby Pins), then Spin Pin IS the perfect Tool. It's a ('Goody' Brand) hair accessory that actually does a pretty good job at securing your Bun. #1 Spin Pin does the job of 1 dozen Bobby Pins-I kid you not! 

They come 2 in the Pack, with complete Instructions; for $5 to $6 at Walmart. There are even mini spin pins available for shorter hair. If you used this product recently post pics & share your experience. If you have a tutorial please email your video to be featured on Facebook & here on Natural Kinky Curly Marie!