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Friday, August 26, 2011

RECIPE of the DAY!

Granola Cereal Bars

On the go breakfast bars which also make great lunch box fillers. Make a healthy choice by baking your own breakfast treats.  Most manufactured granola bar brands are laden with fat and unhealthy ingredients. Especially those "healthy alternatives" to Chewy Granola Bars from Kashi.  "Click link below for Recipe to some affordable good-old fashion granola bars that will get you going and keep you healthy!"

Monday, August 22, 2011


Now would be a Good time for Busy Moms to Invest in a Good Protective style. Click on the Gadget below this Blog to schedule FREE Facial or Spa Treatment with stimulating Scalp Massage (with Hair Growth Oil) included. Try to Always take time out to pamper yourself and Care for  your Natural Tresses; No matter the Schedule.

Spa treatment with Scalp Massage: Relieves Stress and Relax your mind while Stimulating HAIR GROWTH, by opening up blood vessels to increase blood circulation which helps hair follicles receive more nutrients necessary for optimal hair growth. *Our Natural Massage Oils condition the Scalp, Hair shaft & Roots(boost strength of hair roots)which lessen the chances of brittleness, hair strand breakage and split ends. Dandruff and Dry Skin both known to interfere with Hair Growth, is also Reduced.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

JUST BECAUSE IT'S NATURAL DOESN'T MEAN IT'S HEALTHY! (Make your Natural Hair Journey a Healthy Hair Journey)

(1) Keep away from Extreme Heat!
USE: Air-Dry method, Hood Dryer Low Setting (indirect heat-safer) or Diffuser Hair Dryer-on Cool Setting. AVOID HOT CURLERS and FLAT IRONS As Much as Possible! (Use heat protector product if using heat for special occasion styling) **************************
*WARNING!*: Be careful! It Only takes one time of EXTREME HEAT USE to DAMAGE Natural Hair; Resulting in Big Chop—to Start Over with Healthy Hair.

(2) Keep Hair Clean with a Gentle-Deep Cleansing weekly wash, w/ Non-Sulfate Natural Shampoo, Condition, Deep Condition, Leave-in and Seal with Oil. Moisturize as needed and Sleep with a Satin scarf.

(3) Clarify hair bi-weekly or as Needed with Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse [2tsp Vinegar to 4Cups water] (final rinse before adding leave-in), to balance Hair & Scalp PH Level. Also helps smooth out hair shaft, seal Cuticles (reduce Frizz), improve blood circulation and with absorption of important nutrients from healthy Natural Hair Products or Home made treatments.

(4) Detangle Only while hair is conditioned; before rinsing out conditioner. Trim End every 6-8weeks or as needed; split ends lead to tangle Knots and Breakage. (this is Trimming not Cutting your hair; you'll still retain your length)

Monday, August 8, 2011


KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST Tips, Product Reviews and What's New in the Natural Hair World. Thanks in Advance for Following & Participating on this Blog. Many New and Transitioning Naturals feel the pressure of Maintaining & Styling our natural locks. Well sit back, relax and enjoy your journey. The FUN is in the process of Learning your own Hair's Texture, Density and Type.

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