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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I loved my locks (Natural Dreds), but the thought of chopping them all OFF Stayed with me for So long. So I Did! Yes I cut them all off and processed my hair until I could come up with a Game Plan to Go back Natural. When I Cut them Off (2nd Big Chop!) they were way longer than in the Picture below.
Picture of  the way I looked with my Natural Dreds, 
when I first Started Growing them back in 2003

WHAT'S MY GAME PLAN??  To Do as much RESEARCH as possible on the available NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS that have surfaced, out on the Market. As fun as it is making my own products; I have a very busy schedule and do not have the time to continue making home made natural hair care products. Seems like everything on the shelf  contains ingredients that will work against moisture retention, although this may be the case. Once I know that I can manage, Care and continue Growing my Natural Hair with some of the natural products found in many of the online stores  *I will Once Again GO Back to NATURAL!* (as I have in the 90's and early 2000's) If the much raved about products don't work with my hair then I'll just go back to using my usual Garnier, Herbal essence, Infustiom leave-ins and moisturizers, as I see fit for my hair. Hot oil treatments and Deep conditioning are my way of keeping moisture balance so the health  and strength of my hair won't be compromised.

WHY the GAME PLAN?? Since I plan to Change from Permanent Locked Hair to Wearing my Natural Kinky-Curly (Tightly-Coiled) Hair out;  I have to be sure when I Wear it Out & Style it that my hair won't  Dry Out, Frizz, Puff and Break Off.

I hope this will help a lot of you with Dreds, who are thinking about Cutting Off your LOCKS for a more FREE Flowing Option. This is Also to Encourage those of you GOING NATURAL (transitioning) from your relaxed, permed, texturized hair, to your NATURAL BEAUTIFUL HAIR.